~ As WE Continue to Take Action for T-24 Ustad ~

Great Cats of the "World"

Even tho Ustad’s court case was “dismissed” last week, it does not mean we stop Fighting for him.
If anything we have to Fight harder. If we Stop now, then he goes Silent. If Ustad goes Silent ~ then all hope is lost….

For those of Us who live outside India, We must keep up the pressure “Internationally” as much and as hard as we can. We must continue to share his Story everywhere. We must not stop Trying to Fight for “Justice 4 Ustad”.

The Online Action will continue as always which has been suggested in the past, and new ideas and initiatives will be added as time goes on.
The major factor right now is that Ustad’s health is not in jeopardy and it is imperative that we know what is going on with him. Without a healthy and stable Ustad , there is no chance of him…

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