Chennai floods: Blue Cross saves buffalo from being washed out to sea

Echoes in the Mist

buffalo out to sea 0-2-2

By Rudra Krishna

On the morning of the December 2, 2015, the Blue Cross of India received a call from the Adyar police, with the information that that many cows and buffalos had been picked up by the torrential currents of the overflowing and much-swollen Adyar River, and that they were being washed away into the Indian Ocean.

As we later found out, the Chembarambakkam Reservoir had received an unprecedented amount of rainfall the previous night, and authorities had been forced to release water as quickly as they could, which caused the river to flow about 8-10 feet higher than it is even meant to, and in a most rapid and destructive manner.


All that aside, when we received the call at our Guindy facility, we immediately sent out a rescue vehicle with a couple of our rescue staff and a volunteer, Satish. Please remember that we had no clear…

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San Carlos Apache Tribe Takes On Australian Resources Giants

San Carlos Apache Tribe Takes On Australian Resources Giants


PHOTO: Naelyn Pike, 16, says the Oak Flat campground is sacred to the San Carlos Apache tribe. (ABC News: Stephanie March) PHOTO: Naelyn Pike, 16, says the Oak Flat campground is sacred to the San Carlos Apache tribe. (ABC News: Stephanie March)

Native American San Carlos Apache tribe takes on BHP, Rio Tinto over plans to mine sacred site

A group of Native Americans in Arizona are taking on two Australian resources giants to try to save a sacred desert campground from being destroyed by a huge mining development.

Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of Australia’s Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, plans to turn the area around the Oak Flat campsite in the Tonto National Forest into the biggest copper mine in North America.

Members of the local San Carlos Apache tribe said Oak Flat was a sacred place where they had held religious and cultural ceremonies for centuries.

“It is no different to what people can relate to about Mount Sinai,” Apache tribal leader Wendsler Nosie said.

The company has warned…

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Saved from raging currents, buffalo gives birth to baby

Echoes in the Mist

00team and buffalo

By Rudra Krishna

During the recent floods in Chennai, on November 14 at about 6 am, the Blue Cross of India received a call from Mr. Velu, on the Red Hills by-pass road, with the information that a buffalo was being washed away with the heavy current of the breached Ambathur lake, that he was following her, and that we needed to rush out right away.

Our volunteers Kiran, Selvam, Kavin, Santosh, Arjun, and Shunmugam had all returned from late-night flood rescues just an hour and a half before the call came in, and were resting at the Blue Cross facility in Guindy. They were woken up and immediately left to attend to the rescue. The scene that met their eyes seemed to be out of a nightmare, for they all saw a massive buffalo (they didn’t know at the time that she was full-term pregnant) who was fighting against the…

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A first-hand account of the Chennai floods

Echoes in the Mist

CHAL USA photo used 9d1505_9ba56c3c46ca4737b341cd3f1778f56a

By Nanditha Krishna

Dec 8 2015

The rainfall from Nov I to 30 was 1255.7 mm, as against a normal of 407.4 . From December 1 to 7, we received 531.8 mm of rain.  It had stopped raining yesterday but has begun again today, a lighter rain.

I don’t know if this is Climate Change, but I have never seen such extreme weather. This is Nature’s fury at its beautiful best!

The floods were caused by the unannounced and sudden opening of the sluice gates of Chembarabakkam lake . The waters were let into the Adyar and Cooum, and then burst their banks. Since the original channels connecting the lakes and rivers had been built over, the waters used the roads as channels, and came down TTK Road (where we live) from the river, entering our house and the Foundation campus. From December 1 to 6 there was no electricity, so…

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Paris Climate Summit update

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Here’s an update on the critically important climate talks in Paris (a.k.a. COP 21):

From The GuardianThe six key road blocks at the UN climate talks in Paris:

Negotiators at the UN climate talks in Paris are now nearing the end of a fortnight of searching for a global deal on climate change. The mood is upbeat but there are still significant disagreements over some key issues. They came out in the publication on Wednesday of the draft negotiating text.

These are the six key road blocks that negotiators will have to move or get around if a deal is to be done:

From YahooAmbition of Paris climate talks rises by half a degree:

PARIS (Reuters) – It would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, but a new global deal to combat climate change may set the…

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Herald of the winter fungi

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Herald of the winter

This video shows herald of the winter fungi in Finland.

Many fungi don’t survive frosty winter weather. However, there are exceptions to this. As the Dutch Mycological Society wrote (translated):

December 9, 2015 – The herald of the winter is a mushroom that appears late in the autumn. Usually the first specimens won’t come out until after the first frost. So late in the year, there are few people looking for mushrooms; and that is unfortunate, because herald of the winter fungi are beautiful to see. The best time to look for them has come. Knowledge of habitats is a requirement.

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World leaders outline forest vision at climate change talks

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

“World leaders at the climate summit today presented a joint statement in support of new partnerships for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from deforestation while promoting forest restoration and sustainable rural development.”

GR:  Until we achieve effective population control, deforestation will continue.

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Stop blaming India and China for the West’s 300 years of environmental depredation – Steffen Bohm


2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in ParisActivists wear masks depicting world leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Paris (2015)

Steffen Bohm“So there are more than 300 years of massive fossil fuel burning by the so-called West to account for. And while this historical responsibility still played a significant role at Kyoto in 1997—resulting in emissions cuts that were only legally binding for industrialised countries—it has gradually been pushed into the background. Now in Paris it seems almost forgotten. But the fact that about 80% of historical carbon emissions have to be attributed to the developed countries cannot simply be wished away.” – Prof Steffen Böhm

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015Even if the world celebrates a Paris climate deal on December 11, the process will still have to be regarded as failure. Let me explain why.

The basic reason is that the unequal distribution of carbon emissions is not even on its agenda. The historical responsibility of the West is not on the table, nor is a method of national carbon accounting that looks at how the…

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