A fascinating presentation: “A History of Western Wild Carnivores”



By Sharon St Joan


A chance encounter with a big male grizzly bear required quick thinking and some gentle words of persuasion to escape alive. Cougars from one region of Utah have blue eyes and those from other regions don’t. How the jaws and teeth of carnivores actually work. How, sadly, only a few hundred wolverines are left. And a beautifully clear explanation of trophic cascades – the reasons why the eco-system really needs for top predators to be protected, instead of being killed.


Kirk Robinson, Executive Director of the Western Wildlife Conservancy, showed slides of magnificent wild animals from all over the American West and Canada too, explaining their natural history and the vital role that they play in nature.


On December 3, 2016, he spoke to a packed, attentive crowd at the Best Friends Visitors Center, in Kanab, Utah, as part of Wild Kane County’s series of wildlife programs.


In case you missed this terrific talk, if the angels of technology are with us, we’ll soon have a video posted on Youtube that you can watch.


Photo: Gary Kalpakoff