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Wildlife News – Heads of State, ministers and officials from 31 governments meeting today in Kasane reaffirmed their determination to scale up their response to the global poaching crisis, and adopted crucial new measures to help tackle the unprecedented surge in illegal wildlife trade.
During the one-day… –

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For most of last year, the fate of two sage grouse leks in Morgan County in northern Utah was in doubt. A lek is sage grouse breeding habitat, where the sage grouse dance their unique and amazing courtship display.

Three times, beginning last year, landowners of several properties in Morgan County, totaling 2,600 acres, tried to get the rules changed to enable them to sell their property to developers who have drawn up plans to put up a gigantic complex of condos and resorts, which would inevitably have spelled doom for the sage grouse leks and for the surrounding habitat.

The Morgan County Council rejects a destructive proposal

The land in question has never been zoned for development, so several steps would have been required to enable these plans to go forward: first, officially changing the designation of the land, then, as a second step, changing the zoning itself. These…

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Pitcairn’s residents implored the UK government to protect the area, which is threatened by illegal fishing. Pitcairn’s residents implored the UK government to protect the area, which is threatened by illegal fishing.

We hope they keep getting formed in larger and larger swaths of territory, and we will celebrate every time the ante gets upped this way:

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government announced the creation of the world’s largest contiguous ocean reserve on Wednesday, protecting 322,000 square miles around the remote Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific. To put that in perspective, that’s three and a half times the size of the United Kingdom and bigger than the state of California, according to National Geographic.

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This video from Bulgaria is called The vultures in Eastern Rhodopes.

From Wildlife Extra:

Record numbers of Griffon Vultures reported in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains

Vultures of many kinds are on the rise in Bulgaria’s remote mountains

The numbers of Griffon Vultures found to be nesting in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria has risen considerably, reports Rewilding Europe.

In February 2015, experts from Rewilding Rhodopes and its partner the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/ BirdLife Bulgaria visited all the known nesting locations of Griffon Vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Of the 75 registered Griffon Vulture pairs in the area they found that 55 were at an incubation stage and the rest were in the process of building their nests.

Most of the identified pairs consist of adult birds.

“The positive trend of increase of the population of the Griffon Vulture in the Eastern Rhodopes continues this…

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