Grouse killing worsens British flooding

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This is a red grouse video.

The flooding disasters in Britain have various causes. Contrary to what right-wing politicians say, gay people are not one of them. Contrary to what right-wing politicians say, refugees are not one of them (quite the contrary).

Now, on to one of the real causes.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Grouse shooting ‘making flood wreckage worse’

Saturday 16th January 2016

GROUSE shooting is contributing to the flooding which has devastated dozens of communities across Britain, the Green Party warned yesterday.

Landowners’ cultivation of moorland to suit grouse breeding — instead of managing it to prevent flooding — allows water to pour off moorlands instead of being absorbed.

Green leader Natalie Bennett reiterated a call for a ban on the “sport” after visiting flood-hit communities in Yorkshire.

“Management of moors for intensive shooting is simply incompatible with 21st-century needs —…

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