Great Cats of the "World"

BIG SHOUT OUT TO WYOMING AND USA CITIZENS ( and even if you are outside the USA) to SIGN and SHARE this as far and as wide as you can!
You Remember the post earlier this week about the bill that could be introduced allowing hunters to start using snare and traps to hunt these Lions………..
Please help get this Bill stopped


Wyoming House Bill 0012 (HB0012) has been introduced by Republican Representatives Jim Allen and Hans Hunt and Senators Eli Bebout and Larry Hicks; it would allow any person holding a valid mountain lion license to take a mountain lion by use of a trap or snare. Trapping is a cruel and indiscriminate practice that injures and kills millions of wildlife and pets annually. Please help us stop this terrible bill. <<<

Our action alert to stop Wyoming from…

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  1. Thank you for taking a stand on this HB0012 to allow trapping and snaring of Wyoming mountain lions. These lions are already being hunted with hounds. Certainly, this Bill would be a step backwards for Wyoming, when the public awareness continues to grow against trapping of our valuable wildlife that we want to view alive. Please follow and and as we follow the progress of this Bill.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Sorry for my extremely late reply – I was away. Beautiful websites! I subscribed to two of them. Thanks for the wonderful work you’re doing to protect wildlife from trapping!

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