Pensthorpe, ducks and stuff

Hethersett Birdlife

After a week of sleet and rain a patch of weekend sunshine seemed the best excuse for a trip to see some natural and some less natural avian pleasures at Pensthorpe. Locally with singing mistlethrush and mallards chasing each other round point towards spring. Although we are in winter the slight lengthening of days is now perceptible.   First to show their fantastic colours and spring time displays in all their pseudo captive glory were the mandarin ducks.


Mandarins sharing a moment of intimacy

Feral and escaped mandarins pop up all over the county but the best spot for them last year was the breckland birding mecca Santon Downham were it is possible these tree nesting imports bred.  The next bird to show us how to do courtship properly and perhaps trying to make up for his less impressive plumage were a goldeneye. This diving duck is a…

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