How long will the Sage Grouse dance? part two

Council for all wildlife


To read part one first, click here.

Erik Molvar commented, “In every state where there are major threats to Sage Grouse, there is pandering to local politics, which are often in the pockets of oil and gas or coal interests.

“For example, in Wyoming, where there are proposals for oil and gas wells, the land allocated for a lek is only 0.6 miles. It had previously been determined that it should be at least four miles, so this is woefully inadequate.”

WildEarth Guardians had insisted at the beginning that the Sage Grouse was an Endangered Species and should be so listed, and that the decision should be based on science.

When it became clear that this listing was not going to happen, they worked together with other groups and the USFWS on an alternate plan to protect the Sage Grouse.

But, disappointingly, the plan drawn up is very weak and…

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