How long will the Sage Grouse dance? part three

Council for all wildlife


To read part one first, click here (then follow the link to part two).

One of the worst aspects of coal mining activity would be the excessive levels of noise that would bombard this quiet, remote area – causing life-threatening stress to the Sage Grouse and other birds. Any licensed wildlife rehabilitator will confirm that birds die easily from stress and from loud sounds. High noise levels would impact breeding as well. The Sage Grouse mating dance includes the distinctive sounds that the male makes to attract females. These sounds would be obliterated by the deafening blast of heavy machinery, prohibiting breeding and the raising of their young.

Unrealistic alternatives

Alternatives have been proposed to try to attenuate the tragic effects of strip mining in this pristine wild area, such as modifying strip mining activity during certain hours or times of year. These all fall far short of addressing the…

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