Victory for Morgan County sage grouse

Council for all wildlife

sage grouse ph Rahulm

Each spring, in many western states, the magnificent Greater Sage Grouse executes a spectacular mating dance. In areas of sage brush called “leks”, the males expand their throats and do a magnificent dance step, accompanied by a series of fantastic sounds. The females are very impressed.

These birds should be on the endangered species list, but they are not. Sadly, their native territory has been drastically reduced due to competition from all sorts of human economic interests – mining, ranching, farming, development. Their population has fallen 98% in recent years.

A group of property owners who hold about 3,000 acres of land in Morgan County, Utah, have been trying to sell their land to developers who plan to build resorts and condos on land where a sage grouse lek is located. There is another lek nearby. This land has never been designated by Morgan County as land open for development…

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