ACTION ALERT: September 2 Sage Grouse Meeting

Council for all wildlife

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlifegreater-sage-grouse-2

By Allison Jones

Executive Director, Wild Utah Project

ACTION ALERT – help us save the Henefer Sage-grouse lek!

You may be aware of some really scary news this summer in Morgan County. The County is ready to play fast and loose with a couple of the largest sage-grouse leks in the County, and indeed the most visited sage-grouse lek in the state. Behind closed doors and largely out of the public eye (apparently the Morgan County Sage-grouse Local Working Group didn’t even know about this until recently), the County is proposing to change the zoning status and enable development of nearly 3,000 acres of land, directly on top of the Pioneer Camp lek and only a mile away from the famous Henefer Divide lek. The proposed change in zoning status would move the property from “Natural Resources and Recreation” status to “Master Planned Community” status to make it available to…

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