Comment on behalf of the Morgan County Sage Grouse lek

Council for all wildlife

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Dr. John Carter, Engineer, Ecologist, and Manager of Yellowstone to Uintas Connection, sent the following comment on August 13 to the Morgan County, Utah, Planning Commission, who were considering the application to change the designation of a 3,000 acre site of land from “Natural Resources and Recreation” to “Master Planned Community.”


Unfortunately, the change in designation was passed at the Planning Commission’s August 14 meeting, despite the room being packed, with standing room only, by a large number of supporters of wildlife and advocates for protection for the Sage Grouse, a threatened species.


The change in designation will pave the way for re-zoning and then development of the land. Despite the loss of this vote, the battle continues to preserve Utah’s wild places and prevent their being taken over by development. Dr. John Carter’s comment contains valuable points, relevant to much of Utah’s wild lands.

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Mr. Bill Cobabe…

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