Last day to comment to protect Sage Grouse lek

Council for all wildlife


A Sage Grouse habitat in Morgan County, Utah, is being threatened with destruction. The first step in the process of developing the land is for the land use designation to be changed. The second step would be re-zoning, followed by the sale and development of the land, putting up resorts and condominiums. All the construction activity would spell the end of this land as Sage Grouse habitat.

This is a lek, or breeding ground, where Sage Grouse have executed their beautiful mating dances possibly for thousands of years, and where they raise new generations of Sage Grouse.

Tomorrow, on Thursday, August 14, the Morgan County Planning Commission will consider an application to change the designation of the land site – the first step in this process.  

This comment has been sent to the Morgan County Planning Commission.  Please see below for how to send your own comment. Thank you.

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