Western Wildlife Conservancy opposes Utah crow hunt

Council for all wildlife

crow one

By Kirk Robinson, on behalf of the Western Wildlife Conservancy

This letter, by Kirk Robinson, opposing the proposed Utah crow hunt was sent to all the Members of the Utah Wildlife Board.  All the accompanying photos posted here were sent as well, and they relate to his point in the second paragraph, about the likely confusion between ravens and crows. Can you tell which is which? The Wildlife Board will be making a decision on Wednesday, June 5, on whether or not to allow the crow hunt, so if you’d like to send an email before then, that would be a great help. Please see below for a link to help with sending your email. Many thanks! – Editor

Dear Chairman Albrecht,

I am writing to you concerning the proposed crow hunt that is on the Wildlife Board meeting agenda for Thursday, June 5. Western Wildlife Conservancy is opposed to…

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