Liberia: Advocating a vegan lifestyle


LAWCS  (Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society) spent the month of November reaching over 10,000 students with an inspiring message about the importance of a vegan lifestyle.

To conclude the program, LAWCS held a Vegan Day and provided free, delicious vegan food.


LAWCS Vegan Outreach Program was sponsored by FARM’s Sabina Fund. It gave Liberian students and teachers an insight into the healthful benefits of vegan food, and even more importantly, it stressed that animals are sentient beings, to be treated with compassion and respect.


The program was a tremendous success, and the Liberian Ministry of Health has asked that it be expanded to hospitals and clinics so that patients can learn how to adopt a more compassionate and healthier diet.

LAWCS dynamic Program Coordinator, Morris Darbo, has been instrumental in creating a number of innovative programs to raise the level of awareness about animal welfare among Liberian people.  He writes, “LAWCS humane education is about fostering kindness, respect, and empathy for animals, people, and the environment, and recognizing the interdependence of all living beings.”




Active since 2001, LAWCS conducts programs on a whole range of animal issues, from humane policies for community dogs to educating people about how to protect wildlife and forests.

Photos: Courtesy of LAWCS

To learn more about LAWCS, please visit their website. Click here.

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