Good blue-throated macaw news from Bolivia

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This video is called Blue-throated Macaw, Bolivia. It says about itself:

26 Jan 2008

One of the last few nesting pairs of Blue-throated Macaws in the wild, Bolivia. Ara glaucogularis. More info and photos here.

From Wildlife Extra:

Conservation success in Bolivia

Blue-throated Macaw Reserve doubles in size with purchase of adjoining ranch

December 2013: The Barba Azul Reserve, which is located in the Bolivian Beni and protects the world’s remaining population of blue-throated macaws, has secured the purchase of 14,827 acres of natural savanna and forest habitat to more than double the size of the reserve to 27,180 acres.

The extension by Asociación Armonía is significant because it will protect a mosaic of tropical grasslands, as well as two large palm forest islands, a small central river, water-edge short-grass habitat, and more than 20 small isolated palm islands.

An extension of this size means that…

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