India: Andhra Pradesh: VSPCA helps thousands of storks




In the year 2000, VSPCA (Visakha Society of Protection and Care of Animals) began their program of protecting a large colony of Painted Storks at Telenelipuram, in Andhra Pradesh, against poaching. They have continued to work with the local people to provide a safe environment for the storks.


This year with support from the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust, VSPCA is developing a full fledged team of vets, paravets, and helpers to keep an eye on the birds, to help with their protection, vet care, and to assist chicks who’ve fallen from their nests.


During recent storms and severe flooding, VSPCA, with the expert wildlife rehabilitation help of Saleem Hameed, along with several other organizations, was able to save thousands of stranded Asian Open Bill Storks.  They took off on their yearly migration in November, and VSPCA has turned their attention again to the Painted Storks of Telenelipuram.


These beautiful birds need ongoing help to stay safe.


To visit the Facebook page of VSPCA, click here.


Photo: Courtesy of VSPCA / Painted storks at Telenelipuram.



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