Egypt: New constitution to include animals



Ahmed El Sherbiny, Chairperson of ESAF, has written to let us know that the 50 member Constitution Committee, charged with drafting the new constitution of Egypt, has determined that animal welfare issues will be included.


This represents a huge step forward as only a few countries in the world make mention of animal welfare in their constitution.


Many Egyptian animal welfare groups worked together to bring this about. Among them were The Brooke Hospital, SPARE, ESAF, The Donkey Sanctuary, AWAR, and ACE Egypt.


Congratulations to the Egyptian people for joining the ranks of countries that make a special place for animals in their constitution!


Photo: Courtesy of ESAF / These camels are benefitting from ESAF’s feeding and vet care program for working animals at the Pyramids.


To visit ESAF’s Facebook page, click here.


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