A prayer for turkeys

© Dule964 | Dreamstime.com  wild turkey dreamstime_xs_13042477

Holy One,

Thank you for blessing the souls of turkeys, that they may rest in peace, released from the pain and suffering of this world.

May they, who are forever innocent, walk once again in the sunlit grasslands of heaven, may they fly under the blue sky, may they dance at sunrise by the streams that flow through the meadows.

May they be blessed always with happiness and the companionship of their mates and friends, for in your sacred world there is no distance, no time, and no separation.

May these children of the earth hear, in the air, the music of the wind, the singing of the songbirds, the silence of the snowfall, and the enchanted whisper of the forest leaves.

May they may be free, now and always, protected from all harm, held in the grace of your hands, in the infinite peace and power of your presence.

Holy One, may all your creatures of innocence be blessed, that the dolphins may play in the waters, the cats may walk in the moonlight, the birds may fly in the wind.

That the arrows of hate may be broken, that man’s tyranny may be ended,

That the wings of your Holy Spirit may soar again in the sunlight of your land.

May the wild ones and the tame ones live in peace, forever, in your kingdom.


Photo: © Dule964 | Dreamstime.com /  A Wild Turkey in the wild.

2 thoughts on “A prayer for turkeys

  1. I’ve seen wild turkeys a few miles west of here. It’s heartening to know the species hasn’t been reduced to the condition in which the poor “domestic” beasts exist. No more turkeys on this table.

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