Laura Merrill: Stained glass artwork

These are a few of the remaining pieces of Laura Merrill’s beautiful stained glass artwork:

Glass box
Glass box
Totem Mandala - Cardinals
Totem Mandala – Cardinals
Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep

For pricing and to read about Laura’s book Secret Voices from the Forest, as well as many other articles about trees, visit her website, the Treetalker.


Artwork and photos: © Laura Merrill



4 thoughts on “Laura Merrill: Stained glass artwork

  1. Hello: I was wondering if I could buy or use a pattern of yours and make a pice for my daughter in law ? I have no problem paying an artist for their work. Thank you

    1. Paul, I’ve passed your request on to the artist, Laura Merrill. She’ll reply to you. This site is now mostly inactive. You might like to visit my other site:

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