INDIA: APOWA reaches remote flooded areas

Echoes in the Mist




By Rashmi Ranjan,  



Conditions are improving gradually in cyclone- and flood-affected districts of coastal Odisha. But the situation in many places of Ganjam district remains grim. The catastrophe has been called the worst in living memory for Odisha. Our disaster response team is still on the scene and, as the roads are being cleared, is now able to reach remote areas to care for the animals.


As well as direct feeding of animals, we have also handed over food to village authorities and community groups so they can continue to feed stray hungry animals in their villages until the situation returns to normal.  We are making good progress, but there is still so much to do.



October 29, 2013:


We conducted relief work in the worst affected villages of Niakanthapur, giving relief to 55 animals. We are thankful to the…

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