Chennai, India: Rescuing a dog that took a tumble

rescued dog blue cross

At around 6am on October 6, Mr. Dawn Williams, General Manager of Blue Cross, took a call from Mrs. Radha Rajan, a good friend of Blue Cross and a courageous animal advocate, about a dog trapped in a crevice. The dog had fallen from a roof and was stuck in between the asbestos walls of two huts.  Not well off, the people who lived there couldn’t afford to take down the walls of their house in order to free the dog.

The Blue Cross team arrived on the scene to find a really frightened dog, in a lot of pain and all set to bite anyone who came near. Undeterred, Dawn Williams wrapped his face in a cloth and was lowered down into the crevice head first, by two area residents holding on to his feet. It was a really tight squeeze, and the scared dog did bite just as hard as she could, while she was being rescued.

Once the dog was freed from the crevice, she suddenly realized that she’d been saved, and covered Dawn Williams with kisses in a very affectionate way – maybe partly as an apology for biting him. Both dog and human are safe and sound, and neither was seriously hurt.

This is one of Blue Cross’s many heroic rescues of animals in distress.

If you’d like to read more about Blue Cross’s work or help with a donation, visit their website here.

Photo:  Courtesy of Blue Cross

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