EGYPT: ESAF’s Pyramids Project still going!


A horse gets a fly mask and a soft noseband.



Despite the recent turmoil in Egypt, including the absence of tourists who would normally provide support for the working animals at the Pyramids, ESAF (Egyptian Society of Animal Friends) continues their feeding and vet care program for these animals.


ESAF’s program to help the Pyramids animals has been ongoing for several years, with a few interruptions, caused only by a lack of funding.


Lunch for horses


From September 1 through September 15, the Pyramids Project fed and treated 2,612 horses and 316 camels.


Since the program was able to start up again this past July, over 4,500 horses and camels have received feeding and vet care.


The animals are growing stronger and are in better shape now thanks to the extra vitamins and minerals they are getting, along with bran added to their food.


Lining up for food


For working horses and camels, who can suffer injuries and extra wear and tear, nosebands, fly masks, and special saddle wound pads called “doughnuts” help them to live lives free of pain. ESAF vets paid special attention to their teeth and hooves.  Brochures were handed out to raise awareness of horse and camel care. For the animals who were unwell, medical cards were issued for follow-up vet care and extra feeding.


September 15 marks the end of Phase One of the Project. September 15 through the end of September was financed by funds remaining from the previous project. Phase Two will begin on October 1.


The Pyramids Project is being generously supported by SPANA, Animal Aid Abroad, HSI, Wereld Asielen, Sue Evans and her UK group, who have sponsored the continuation of the project for an extra month.


To visit the Facebook page of ESAF, click here.


Photos:  Courtesy of ESAF



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