India: Delhi and Guwahati: Cows get sore feet too


This cow was treated by Dr. Sashanka of JBF (Just Be Friendly) and his team for a very serious hoof problem, from which she recovered well. While her foot was healing, she enjoyed munching on grass and being with other cows. Kotla Mubarakpur, south of Delhi, is a residential and shopping area and is JBF’s main area of operation.

JBF operates mobile clinics, which provide on the spot treatment for cattle, in both Delhi and also in Guwahati, in Assam, in North East India.

In 2012, JBF’s Delhi Mobile Clinic provided vet treatment to 3,000 cattle, mostly those with hoof or horn problems, and some with injuries from traffic accidents.

If a cow being treated needs hospitalization, then with the help of others, they transport the cattle for treatment to a hospital that has a shelter for cattle.

JBF also runs a very active spay/neuter program for community dogs in Assam and conducts nature camps for Assamese children. Their disaster response teams saved the lives of hundreds of cattle during last summer’s devastating floods.

To visit the website of Just Be Friendly, click here.

To give a U.S. tax-deductible donation to JBF through Help Animals India, click here.


Photo: Courtesy of Help Animals India

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