EGYPT: ESAF and SPANA come to the aid of Pyramids horses


pyramids projectP1060654


On July 10 and 11, 2013, ESAF (Egyptian Society of Animal Friends), in a joint project with the UK organization SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad), which helps working animals, has resumed their aid to the Pyramids animals, in a program that will continue for two months.


These animals, mostly horses, donkeys, and camels, are used to carry tourists visiting the Pyramids.  During times of unrest, when there are no tourists, the animals suffer greatly from lack of food and care, since their owners lack income with which to care for them.


ESAF has been providing aid to these animals for a number of years and intensified their efforts after the Egyptian revolution in 2011. The feeding and vet care program has been a great help to the horses, since most of the animal owners are poor and suffer hardship whenever the tourist trade grinds to a halt. ESAF continues their work with the Pyramids animals whenever they can, depending on the generosity of supporters.


On Wednesday July 10, 159 animals were fed and given vet care. Some were quite thin. The food included barley, corn, hay, and greens. 150 were horses, along with two donkeys and seven camels. The next day 194 were fed and treated – mostly horses, along with four donkeys and seven camels.


SPANA provided the food.  Medication, nosebands, and flymasks were covered by other donations.  They replace nose bands made of metal wire with soft cloth nosebands.


The groups also gave out booklets on the proper care of equines.


As well as thanking SPANA, Ahmed El Sherbiny, Chairperson of ESAF, also expressed his gratitude “to Janet Thomas of AAA and to Sue Evans and her UK group” for making the program possible.


To visit the website of SPANA or to donate, click here.


To visit the Facebook page of ESAF and to see more photos, click here


Photo: Courtesy of ESAF

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