Thailand: 50,000 spay/neuters and a tribute to a good friend



By Soi Dog Foundation – May 2013 Newsletter


Little black haired Haa Sip (50 in Thai) left his mark on history (and the vets left a mark on him!) when he became the 50,000th animal to be sterilized since Soi Dog started in late 2003. Performing the historic deed were two of our resident veterinarians Dr Su and Dr Che. Haa Sip is from Thepkasatri district in Phuket.

Soi Dog Vice-President John Dalley said the Foundation hopes at its current rate to sterilize 100,000 animals in around three years time. In its first year Soi Dog sterilized just over 1000 animals.

Mr. Dalley said: “The current mobile clinic programme on Phuket, working closely with the province’s local authorities, aims to have the island’s stray population under control in two years and to continue the province’s rabies free status.”

Soi Dog is discussing with the Department of Livestock in Bangkok introducing a national programme based on Soi Dog’s activities on Phuket. Thailand has pledged to eradicate rabies by 2020 in accordance with ASEAN agreements. Large populations of unvaccinated and unsterilized street dogs makes the eradication of rabies virtually impossible and we are hoping that a national programme can be established in the interest of both animal and human welfare.


Tribute to Jeanne Marchig:


Soy Dog dedicated this newsletter to Jeanne Marchig, a generous supporter of Soi Dog Foundation and numerous small animal charities throughout the world, who passed away in early May of this year.


Said Soi Dog Vice President John Dalley at her passing: “We at Soi Dog are extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Madame Jeanne Marchig. Through the Marchig Trust she established in 1989 she has enabled countless smaller animal charities like Soi Dog Foundation to progress and continue their work, and in 2011 she funded the innovative cat hospital that bears her name at the Soi Dog center. Also in 2011 Gill and I were very humbled to receive the annual Marchig trust award for services to animal welfare, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of animal welfare.”

We shall miss her.


To read the rest of this issue of the Soi Dog newsletter, click here. (Caution, some photos may be disturbing.)


Photos: Soi Dog Foundation

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