A Lone Mexican Wolf is Restored to the Wild

A Mexican wolf
A Mexican wolf

From the Frontline Newsletter, WildEarth Guardians


WildEarth Guardians welcomes the release of a captive-bred, 4-year-old male, called M1133, to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest of Arizona. The release of M1133 marks the first liberation of a captive wolf since 2008. We hope he will mate with the lone alpha female of the Blue Stem pack—if he can find her in time for the breeding season. (Her previous mate was illegally shot last year.) M1133 is one of less than 60 lobos remaining in the wild that are up against some difficult foes, primarily the livestock industry and some hunters. WildEarth Guardians is working to buy out ranchers, releasing their grazing permits thereby giving Mexican wolves more freedom to roam.



To visit the website of Wild Earth Guardians or help with a donation, click here.


Photo: © Glenn Nagel | Dreamstime.com



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