India: Bronco rescued from rushing traffic



In June of 2012, Juhi Sheth, a supporter of Samabhava, spotted Bronco right in the middle of Dr. Ambedkar Vedhi Road, in Cubbon Park, a large park in central Bangalore.  Traffic was rushing around him in both directions, and Bronco looked confused, unsure which way to go or what to do.


Juhi stepped through the traffic and led the horse to safety along a footpath.  Then she had to let him go, having at that moment no place to take him.


She called Samabhava, who were, as always responsive to the plight of a horse in distress.  Over the next three months, Samabhava undertook six different “catch and shift” missions to catch Bronco in order to re-locate him to a safe place.  Unfortunately, no one could really explain to Bronco the advantages of being caught.


They could find him in the same general area, but as for actually catching him, he was elusive.  On their seventh try, they set out, expecting to spend the entire day in another vain attempt to catch Bronco.  Amazingly, within five minutes they had him and were able to transport him the same day to the rescue center at Krupa, where he’s been making the acquaintance of the other rescued horses there.  So far, Survivor and Zuma are still teasing him a bit, but he has become good friends with Biscuit.


No longer in danger from rushing traffic, he is doing well.  It appears that he had been hanging out at Cubbon Park for around five months; he may be over 22 years old and may have been used in something called Gymkhana racing, in which owners of non-thorough bred horses race them.


Juhi Sheth and her brother Abhishek Sheth are sponsoring Bronco now so that he can lead a life surrounded by kindness, safely away from the uncertainties and dangers of wandering without a home.


Sponsoring one of the horses rescued by Sambhava generally costs around 5,000 rupees a month ($93).


To visit the Facebook page of Samabhava and read about some of their other rescued horses, click here.



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