Merry Chirstmas from Soi Dog Foundation




From John Dalley



A very merry Christmas from Noddy, Sweet Pea and everyone at Soi Dog! Noddy (on the right) and Sweet Pea (napping!) were both rescued from the Bangkok floods of 2011 and will be spending Christmas in the UK with their adopters Jason and Kookie.

Sweet Pea was very ill and almost died. She spent two weeks in Bangkok’s Thong Lor Animal Hospital in an oxygen chamber. She flew back to Soi Dog’s shelter in Phuket with volunteers Derek and Cindy after their month long stay volunteering in the flood relief. Noddy was also very ill when found with pneumonia and blood parasites. Noddy earned his name by nodding off in Cindy’s hands.


Originally Jason and Kookie were only adopting Noddy, however when looking at photos of Noddy they noticed a little black and white paw in the background. This was Sweet Pea! As they were being looked after together Jason and Kookie thought it would be a good idea to adopt Sweet Pea also so they could have some companionship. This turned out to be a good decision as the two are now inseparable.


Many thanks to Soi Dog’s supporters across the world for your ongoing support in saving dogs like Noddy and Sweet Pea. Happy endings like this are only possible because of you.


From everyone at Soi Dog may we wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!


John Dalley





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