India: Andhra Pradesh: Cyclone Nilam floods VSPCA

The Kindness Farm, in Andhra Pradesh, run by the Vishaka Society for Protection and Care of Animals, has been flooded by Cyclone Nilam.

The main VSPCA shelter, which is on the coast, was hit with a nine foot wall of water, and suffered much greater damage. Because of the emergency, it hasn’t been possible to take photos there.

The cows and other animals had been moved to higher ground, but they now require emergency medicine and vet treatment, as well as special feed, because the ground is so wet that there is no place for the animals to rest or to graze.

Much repair needs to be done at the shelter to fix cattle sheds, walls, poles, drainage channels, buildings, and gates.  Much more feed will be needed for the animals, and more caregivers will have to be hired because of the emergency conditions.

Your help would be much appreciated. If you’d like to donate, please go to either of these sites:  (for a USA tax-deductible donation.  Please specify that it is for VSPCA.)

Photo: Courtesy of VSPCA

Thanks to Eileen Weintraub, Founder of Help Animals India, for information she contributed.

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