Egypt: Pet shop campaign underway

The pet shop campaign being conducted by ESAF and the Giza Vet Department is well underway. On October 8 and 15, 2012, they visited three pet shops in Omrania and two pet shops in 6th of October City.

ESAF vets Dr. Moh Gomaily and Dr. Moh A. A. Hay, and Giza vet Dr. Hisham inspected the pet shops,  talking with pet shop managers and owners and offering tips on ways to improve ventilation and let in more fresh air, keep everything clean and tidy, and keep a good eye on the health of the animals.

They handed out fliers and posters that highlighted animal care and safety, encouraged rabies vaccinations, and warned against wild animal trafficking.

Just in case some of the animals might be in urgent need of care, they had brought along an emergency medical bag, but fortunately, it was not needed.

ESAF and officials are working to set up a system for the government to more closely monitor pet shops; it would require licensing and regular inspections.

Photo: Courtesy of ESAF

To visit ESAF’s Facebook page, click here.


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