Egypt: A banner for the land and wildlife

On the right, Dina Zulficar, with other animal advocates, in Tahrir Square

Dina Zulficar, Egyptian animal rights activist, writes, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution, celebrated in Tahrir Square, “A banner, 30 meters long, illustrated the protected 29 areas of Egypt.  We gave out many pamphlets with slogans, three big posters illustrating wildlife and a map showing the protected areas.  People of many different ideologies responded. We ended up being joined by a great many supporters!

“Gabriel Mickael, bio-engineer, is the one who called for the event, and made the 30- meter banner.” Prominent Egyptian environmentalists were present, as well, at the celebration.

To visit the Facebook page of AWAR, the organization founded by Dina Zulficar, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of AWAR

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