Egypt: Feeding and vet care for the Pyramids horses and camels



A boy with his family's horse

Ahmed El Sherbiny, Chairperson of ESAF (the Egyptian Society of Animal Welfare) writes: “Since 2005, ESAF has conducted a weekly clinic in the Pyramids area for horses, donkeys, and now camels.  However, after the revolution [when the horses were starving first due to civil unrest and the curfew, then because of the collapse of tourist trade income], we increased the clinic to three times a week and included feeding….


“As part of our long-term plan, ESAF has now opened a permanent clinic, not far from the Pyramids. This clinic operates seven days a week, from 9 am till 5 pm, providing both feeding and treatment for horses and camels in need.


“ESAF operates a weekly stable visit for the horses that are unable to attend either the clinic or the shelter; there is no charge for this service.”


To visit ESAF’s Facebook page, where you can offer to help the Pyramids horses and camels, click here.


Photo: Courtesy of ESAF

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