Poems about Foxes

Naturalist Weekly

A fox jumped out one winter’s night, 
And begged the moon to give him light.
For he’d many miles to trot that night
Before he reached his den
(Excerpt from “The Fox's Foray”, Anonymous)

It was early morning.Early enough that the freshly fallen snow hadn’t been disturbed by the commuter traffic. My dog and I were walking slowly down the road when we noticed animal tracks alongside us. They were small, oval type prints with noticeable claws and distinct division between toes and paw pad. Looking very similar to the dog prints but smaller, these tracks seemed to indicate the presence of a fox.

Vermont has both red and gray foxes. The gray fox is a native species, and the red fox was introduced to the area by European settlers. The gray fox is smaller than the red fox and has the ability to climb trees and retract…

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