Afghanistan: How did they think it would end? – Gwynne Dyer


US flag lowered as Americans leave their Afghanistan base.

Gwynne DyerWestern armies lose no matter how big and well-equipped they are because the insurgents are fighting on home ground. – Gwynne Dyer

I will never kneel before such a destructive force (as the Taliban),” declared Ashraf Ghani, the soon-to-be ex-president of Afghanistan. “We will either sit knee-to-knee for real negotiations at the table, or break their knees on the battlefield.” Good luck with that, Ashraf.

General Sami Sadat, still commander of Helmand province as I write this (although perhaps not by the time you read it), was equally confident, but warned that the safety of the world is at stake: “This will increase the hope for small extremist groups to mobilise in the cities of Europe and America, and will have a devastating effect on global security.”

And how did it all come to this? Ashraf Ghani pointed out that it is obviously America’s fault. “The reason for our…

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2 thoughts on “Afghanistan: How did they think it would end? – Gwynne Dyer

  1. Really. And you will notice that no one ever mentions all the animal in the country that have died. Same thing here. Birds are extremely sensitive to smoke – I imagine the number is inestimable.

  2. Thank you for mentioning the birds and the animals, Laura. Generally, they, and plants too, go unmentioned or are an afterthought – which could explain why our planet is in trouble. If something is always at the bottom of the list of priorities, then it isn’t going to do very well.

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