Letters to Senator Baldwin: Please do not remove wolves from the endangered species list…

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

December 2014 a federal judge ordered that wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan be placed back on the endangered species list. Currently, there is legislation being pushed to delist wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming. In Wisconsin several legislators, one being republican senator Tom Tiffany, began a campaign to delist wolves in Wisconsin and asked Democratic senator Tammy Baldwin to persuade her democratic colleagues in the senate to sign onto Republican senator Ron Johnson’s wolf delisting legislation. Unfortunately, senator Baldwin is now on board with the wolf delisting legislation.

I put out an urgent call to wolf advocates to write to Senator Baldwin in the hopes of changing the senator’s mind. I received many well thought out & fact filled letters and passed them on to the senator thru her aide. Here’s two well written letters, read on:

Dear Senator Baldwin,
I am writing to you regarding the push…

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