Mexico Protects Islands Off Baja California’s Pacific Coast

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The San Diego Union reported

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto established a new marine biosphere reserve on Monday covering a broad area that includes the Coronado Islands near the U.S. border and Todos Santos Island, site of a famed surfing spot off the coast of Ensenada.

Read story at  Mexico protects islands off Baja California’s Pacific Coast – The San Diego Union-Tribune

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2 thoughts on “Mexico Protects Islands Off Baja California’s Pacific Coast

  1. Yep. They are the islands of my youth and I am so grateful to Mexico for doing this, and to the US for making the other Channel Islands a national park. These islands are the less known biological Galapagos. There are species of Channel Island fox, that are unique to the islands, and ever more amazingly, sub-fox-species unique to different islands. They evolved here in isolation. These islands were also the locus of biologic efforts that proved successful to breed and restore Bald Eagle populations in the US.

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