September Highlights

Hethersett Birdlife

Autumn has rolled into the village with more than a hint of summer in the weather but not enough to prevent the last twittering house martins from flying off to the coast. Other voices replace them however and mornings and most evenings now begin and end with robins starting to proclaim their patches after a quiet summer  of moulting. Most evening also bring the villages tawny owls out to do some early territorial and breeding calls. Perhaps the most obvious replacement for flocks of twittering martins is the quite sizeable charms of tinkling goldfinches which have appeared in the last week or so.

Everyones favourite the Goldfinch Credit: GemElle Photography – struggling to keep up via Compfightcc

The last couple of weeks have seen me take to the streets in what I hope is a new craze that will rival the ‘Pokemon  Go’ which is ‘Bat running’  which combines…

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