Echoes in the Mist

© Dhprophotog | Dreamstime.comdreamstime_s_40757480

Coyote, with mystical toes,

Silent as the footsteps of time,

Weaving through the mist-encircled forest,

Elusive she goes,

Shaman, angel, fey,

Spirit from the lands afar,

Outcaste, magic-bent,

Otherworldly guide,

You step from stone to stone,

Through the stream, moon-bright,

Where blue-singing

Fish glide

Through petals whispering in the night.

From milky way

From star to star,

Among the clouds,

The shrouds,

Of worlds, broken

You walk on,


From the darkness to the light.

The hillside

Of rock and raven-spoken

Chasms wide,

You climb,

Among the echoing songs of spring.

© Sharon St Joan, 2016


Photo: © Dhprophotog |

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