Many Died in Devastating Flash Floods in Uttarakhand

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According to news reports Over 30 people have been killed following heavy rains that lashed Uttarakhand  resulting in landslides and road blockages. Death toll due to cloudburst & incessant rains in Chamoli and Pithoragarh could likely rise further.

Due to the heavy rain  in cloudburst, river Alaknanda was flowing above the danger level. The  flash floods is causing heavy casualties.

Flash floods are slightly different from normal floods. Normal floods involve water rising and overflowing from its normal path. However, flash floods appear quickly and move swiftly across land with little warning. Flash floods occur for a variety of reasons including concentrated rainfall during a slow moving thunderstorm, hurricanes, and tropical storms.

A cloudburst is sudden copious rainfall. It is a sudden aggressive rainstorm falling for a short period of time limited to a small geographical area.They are called ‘bursts’ probably because it was believed earlier that clouds were solid…

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