Wind beings

Echoes in the Mist

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Where do the wind beings live?

Beyond the noon-

Bright country,

Beyond the stars, glimmering,

Beyond the tired, trafficked city,

Unencumbered, they live in the mountains that give

Peace, among the lilies of eternity,

By the wandering white petals of the moon

In the forest of flowers where

Only the wild ones talk

And where the wind beings walk

By the shell-encrusted shore,

There the red-tailed hawk

And the northern harrier,

Gray as the sea,

Fly through the air,

To reclaim their destiny,

In lands swept clean of the paltry ploy

Of thought,

And the detritus of crumpled litter

Of the corrupted that crawl

In the grime

Of the sound-dinned

Corners of the mind, strangely-wrought.

Arise, Hanuman,

Son of the wind,

To toss

Aside all the devils of time,

To unseat the wicked, wailing,

To thunder


The waves, ever-crashing

Of the sparkling, emerald sea

Of nevermore,

To lead all…

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