Bottlenose dolphins in the Baltic Sea

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This video is about bottlenose dolphins in the the Bay of Biscay.

From Deutsche Welle in Germany:

Bottlenose dolphins in Baltic waters?!


A pair of bottlenose dolphins have been cruising the Baltic Sea recently. They’re not native to those waters, and must have come in from the North Atlantic. They’ve now developed a fondness for bow-wake cruising.

What scuba divers would be used to seeing in the waters of the Flensburg Fjord – in the westernmost part of the Baltic Sea near the northern German town of Flensburg on the Danish border – can be summed up in two very short words: Not much. But over the past couple of months, divers and boaters have been astonished to find themselves accompanied on occasion by a couple of playful bottlenose dolphins.

On Thursday this week (18.02.2016), a kayaker and a diver spent some quality time with “Selfie”…

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