Letter to Utah Wildlife Board – about cougar plan

Council for all wildlife

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This letter, about the Utah Cougar Management Plan, has been sent to the members of the Utah Wildlife Board.

Gregory Sheehan, Division Director,

Regional Advisory Councils and Wildlife Board

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

P.O. Box 146301

Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6301

Re: Utah’s Cougar Management Plan

Dear Director Sheehan and Members of the Wildlife Board:

I am writing to ask the Wildlife Board not to adopt the Cougar Management Plan as it is currently written, for the following reasons.

The stated mission of the DWR is “to serve the people of Utah as trustee and guardian of the state’s wildlife.”

The quotes below are from the draft Utah Cougar Management Plan and are followed by my comments.

“Nearly all cougars harvested in Utah are taken with the aid of dogs.”

Objection: Using dogs to chase and hunt down any animal is barbaric and inhumane. If hunting can only be…

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