Gray Wolf Educator Guide Created by National Geographic in Partnership with Living With Wolves: Now Available in the Midwest

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

posterOur friends over at Living With Wolves in partnership with National Geographic have put together a Gray Wolf Educator Guide for use in Schools.

Why teach about wolves?

The purpose of this guide is to provide educators of students from kindergarten to high school with activities that will enrich students’ understanding about the gray wolf of North America. The activities are intended to dispel common myths and prejudices that are held about these animals and to encourage youth to get involved in conservation efforts.

Wolves are more like humans than many realize. Students will find that they can relate to this animal because the lives and experiences of wolves mimic those of humans in many and often surprising ways—from their social structure and family roles to the experiences of bullying and being misunderstood. Because of the myths and prejudices held by many and a history of persecution that continues today…

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