Brown Capuchin Monkeys

Jet Eliot

Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Peru Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Peru

Whether we observe monkeys in the wild or at the zoo, they often bring a smile to our faces, as we watch their antics and activities.  The New World monkey called capuchins, from the Genus Cebus, are widespread.

There are many kinds of capuchin monkeys, so named for their resemblance to the brown-roped attire worn my capuchin monks.  The brown capuchin or Cebus apella, photographed here, can easily be found in the Amazon rainforest.

They are usually seen dancing in the treetops searching for food.  Their diet is wide and varied, ranging from frogs to fruits and everything in between.  They look like they are flying, as they grab onto one branch and skillfully glide through the air to the next branch, cavorting with their mates.

I’ve heard it said that humans find monkeys endearing because they have a resemblance to our species.  Although…

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