Our London Safari~

Cindy Knoke

So you think one has to go to Africa to witness wild predator prey interactions? Ha, I say! Just go to central London. And, no I am not talking about the tube strike…..
Actually, we left Africa and flew to London on the first leg home to The Holler. We were looking forward to a spell of civilization and culture. But it seems, our safari was to continue in London. We checked into a hotel quite near the crowds and hustle of the British Museum, and I looked out our hotel window onto a city park, and this was the sight that greeted me!
There were four foxes in this family in the center of London. There were magpies too. Occasionally the foxes would snag a magpie which resulted in the magpies giving the foxes holy hell for hours. They would taunt and goad them.
I was supposed to be…

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2 thoughts on “Our London Safari~

  1. You will know that parliament is debating relaxing the Hunting Act next Wednesday, so this wonderful celebration of foxes arrives at a good moment.

    Please think of the English & Welsh foxes – and all of us trying our best to muster up parliamentary support to defeat this deplorable proposal.

    However, foxes are not the only creature hunted here – hares, who are in grave decline in this country as they are shot in their thousands, and stags, are also potentially affected.

    Lots of information on the Animal Interfaith Alliance web site.

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