Jet Eliot

White Rhinos, Kenya White Rhinos, Kenya

The African rhino species originated on this planet about 14.2 million years ago.  Let’s take a look at this astounding creature.

A century ago, at least in Africa, rhinos were heading for extinction due to over-hunting in the colonial era.  Now, all five rhino species are killed for their horns, which are coveted for medicinal purposes and ornamental carvings.  Sadly, sophisticated poaching syndicates have evolved into organized crime, utilizing advanced technologies and weaponry.

The dwindling rhinoceros population is so depressing that I will stop talking about it at this point.  You can, however, click here to read the exact numbers of remaining species.  Fortunately, there have been enormous conservation efforts toward reviving the population; and the white rhinos, the most abundant rhino species, have increased.

There are rhinos in Africa and Asia, a total of five different species.  The two African rhinos are called Black and White…

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