GOOSEWATCH NYC: Great news! The swan bill passed the NY legislature!

Council for all wildlife


Yesterday, by an overwhelming margin, the mute swan bill passed the New York State legislature! This is wonderful, but it isn’t yet the final step. More work is needed to prevent mass killing and harm to the thousands of Mute Swans whose home is in New York State. Goosewatch NYC has provided the following information on steps you can take to help the swans.


STEP ONE: Please call any or all of the following.

Assembly Member Heastie:  518-455-3791

Assembly Member Cymbowitz: 718-743-4078

Assembly Member Thiele:  631-537-2583

Assembly Member Englebright: 631-751-3094

Sen. Avella: 718-357-3094

Thank them for supporting Bill A03675/SO1555 and let them know that the swans still need their help.

Ask them to encourage the governor to sign the bill.

Senator Avelia is the Senate sponsor for this bill. Please thank him for his sponsorship of the bill and ask him to urge the Senate…

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