Ring Mt. Flowers, Birds, Butterflies & Photos 5/25/15

Natural History Wanderings

Tiburon Mariposa Lily/Calochorus tiburonensis Tiburon Mariposa Lily/Calochorus tiburonensis

Ring Mountain is part of the Marin County Open Space District. It was mostly cloudy providing good light for flower photography, but fairly breezy so patience was required.

Ring Mt. is a habitat of mixed grassland and woodland as well as areas of serpentine rock. The plants are a mix of  natives and aliens. Trees and Shrubs included Coast Live Oak, Monterey Pine, Toyon, Buckeye, Bay, Coyote Bush, Blue Elderberry, and Poison Oak. Lots of alien grasses.

The goal of today’s hike was to see Calochortus tiburonensis/Tiburon Mariposa Lily which is a rare and endangered plant that is endemic to Ring Mt. There were many other plants in bloom as well. There was a fair amount of bird song when we arrived and although I was able to identify a number of the birds by sound, I am sure I missed more than a few. By the time…

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