4 Sacred Native American Sites In Danger Of Being Destroyed By Corporations


Osage-Mounds Osage-Mounds

By Paul Brammer / Blue Nation Review

The days where Native American tribes were forced to give up their land are far from over.

Here are four sacred Native American sites in danger of being destroyed in the name of corporate greed.

Badger-Two Medicine

The Blackfeet Tribe calls the land of Badger-Two Medicine “the Backbone of the World,” the place where the story of their people began. But now the mineral-rich land, located in modern day Michigan, is in danger of being drilled for oil.


Solenext, LCC, the last of the 47 leaseholders of the land, filed a lawsuit so that drilling could begin. Earl Old Person, a member of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council since 1954, is fighting to preserve what he calls “an altar to the Blackfeet Confederacy.” He wrote a letter to Obama urging the president to intervene.

Oak Flat

After lawmakers slipped in a clause…

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